SQABasic Libraries

(Last Updated: Sep.10.2003)

The following lists the libraries currently under development with various versions of Rational's TeamTest product (Rational Robot). Robot V2000 and beyond can use these libraries without issue. The libraries must be compiled with the version of Robot that will run them.

These are generally application independent libraries that are useful in an overall scheme of automated test with SQA Robot.  They are constantly being enhanced and refined and new libraries appear fairly often.

General Libraries, DD Utility Libraries, DDEngine Libraries, Component Functions

Consult the Data-Driven Engine Reference for a ready reference on DDE setup, commands, and syntax. (650K+)
Consult the RRAFS Detailed Reference for a newer version/format of similar information (small downloads). Consult the RRAFS Quick Reference for a single list of ALL supported action commands.(80K)

General Libraries:

Utility Libraries specifically intended for Data-Driven Automation:

The Core Data-Driven Engine:

ComponentFunction Script Libraries used by the Data-Driven Engine:

The above documentation was published in a completely automated fashion by developing the libraries with templates that allowed for in-context documentation that could then be post-processed for publication. The documentation is thus actually pulled right out of the source and header files and formatted for HTML publication.
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