SQABasic "CustomStatusUtilities" Library


      This module is used to implement project specific, or site specific,
      status counting that is intended to either enhance or replace the use of
      built-in status counters provided by the Core framework.

      A custom solution can be based on the functionality provided by the existing
      libraries or fully custom implementations:

      * ApplicationUtilities
      * LogUtilities
      * CustomLogUtilities
      * CustomUtilities

      Note that the static Core framework has no way of dynamically accessing or
      even recognizing custom status utilities implemented by the developer except
      by calling the predefined hook function(s) in this library. An added
      benefit to the developer is that they can populate the SBH header
      files with their own variables, constants, user-defined types, and
      function declarations for their custom status functions.  These would
      then automatically get included by any library that includes the main
      DDE header--DDEngine.SBH. It prevents developers from having to add
      their own custom include(s) for information they stick in these headers.

      The developer can implement their routines in this file, or they can call
      into any number of other files.

      Note, however, that the namespace for public routines and
      other public items is shared with the Core framework.  So you cannot
      duplicate the name of any public item or routine in your custom libraries.

Declarations Constants Global Variables User-Defined Types Routine Details

User Dependencies:

(stuff the developer's library/script $INCLUDES at compile time.)
(Note: The order of items may matter and may be different for your code.)

Internal Dependencies:

(stuff this library needs at compile time.)

Exported Declarations

   Sub   CustomDDEStatusCounter  BasicLib CustomStatusUtilities 





User-Defined Types


Routine Details

  Sub CustomDDEStatusCounter (statusInfo as AUStatusInfo, status As integer)


  The hook will not bypass Core framework status tracking.  It will
  allow the end-user to implement their own additional means of status tracking.
  A custom solution can be based on the functionality provided by the existing

      * ApplicationUtilities
      * LogUtilities
      * CustomLogUtilities
      * CustomUtilities


      source  AUStatusInfo provided from other AUIncrement routines.
              You do not increment this AUStatusInfo.  It will have
              already been incremented by the calling AUIncrement routines.

              Instead, we may reference fields such as .filename, .mode, or .level
              Otherwise, this parameter is not used.

      status  The status encountered.  Valid values are defined in the
              ApplicationUtilities CONSTANTS section.
              For example: AU_TEST_FAILURE, AU_TEST_PASS, etc..



 Orig Author: Carl Nagle
 Orig   Date: JUL 01, 2002

      JUL 01, 2002    Original Release

Copyright (C) SAS Institute
GNU General Public License: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/gpl-license.php