Test Automation Frameworks

by Carl Nagle

1.1    Thinking Past "The Project".

   1.1.1    Problems With Test Automation.
                A CASE STUDY
   1.1.2    Some Test Strategy Guidelines.
   1.1.3    Test Automation is NOT a Sideline.
   1.1.4   Test Design and the Test Framework
               are separate entities.
   1.1.5    Test Framework should be
   1.1.6    Test Framework must be easy to
                expand, maintain, and perpetuate.
   1.1.7    Test Strategy/Design Vocabulary
                should be Framework-Independent.
   1.1.8    Test Strategy/Design should remove
                testers from the complexities of the
                Test Framework.

1.2    Data Driven Automation Frameworks

   1.2.1    Data Driven Scripts.
   1.2.2    Keyword/Table Driven Automation.
   1.2.3    Hybrid Test Automation
   1.2.4    Commercial Keyword Driven Frameworks.

1.3    Keyword Driven Automation Framework Model

   1.3.1    Project Guidelines.
   1.3.2    Code and Documentation Standards.
   1.3.3    Our Automation Framework.
   1.3.4    The Application Map.
   1.3.5    Component Functions.
   1.3.6    The Test Tables.
   1.3.7    Core Data Driven Engine (DDE).
   1.3.8    Support Libraries.

1.4    Automation Framework Workflow

   1.4.1    High-Level Test Cycle Tables.
   1.4.2    Intermediate-Level Test Suite Tables.
   1.4.3    Application Mapping.
   1.4.4    Low-Level Test Step Tables.

1.5    Summary